Shop Small, Send Love: Silvia Teh

Shop Small, Send Love: Silvia Teh
Silvia Teh - Profile
In the first of our series of profiling the small business we love dearly, we spoke to Silvia Teh, a fearless, gungho gal who is not afraid to take risk and stand out. 
Why did you decide to name the collection as your namesake?
I grew up not liking my last name "Teh" because it was uncommon and a name that my school peers would mock me in. Overtime, I learn to be comfortable with who I am and I thought my last name makes my identity unique. That's why I'm using my name as my label. It is to represent individualism and be comfortable with who you are.
Why the use of cotton predominantly in the collections?
Because it has this soft-structural quality. It balances between stiffness and softness to the skin, something that I couldn't find in other types of fabrics.
Silva Teh
What inspires you?
My life. I feel that as I grow, my brand grows with me and so does my design aesthetic.

I started the brand when I was 22, and at that time the designs I did very much represents my child-like spirit - the bishop sleeve, the crop length, the fit and flare detail, etc. Whereby becoming the woman that I am now, I like to celebrate women's body shapes and highlight certain parts like the shoulders, waist, thigh, etc.
What are your favourite pieces from the collections, and why?
Everything that is one-shoulder. I like it because it's simple, timeless and many of my clients LOVE them. It made them feel really good about themselves and they get creative on how to style them too.
What are 3 local brands we may not know about, but should definitely support?
  • Alexandra Alberta for Jewelries, the quirky spirit of the designer is very much represented in her collections.
  • The Therapeutic Co for beeswax Candles, I love their scent and as I personally know the owner, I can see how passionate she is with her candles and making people's life better.
  • AS’FALL by Astou as I love her easy and effortless dresses perfect for singapore weather
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