Established in 2010

Meet Georgina & Chiew Ling

Nana & Bird was founded in 2010 when Georgina or “Nana” and Chiew Ling or “Bird” turned 30. 

While pursuing their careers in marketing and advertising, they wanted to create something that they can call their own. It naturally landed on something related to fashion - being besties who love travelling and shopping together, and decided to name the brand “Nana & Bird”, after their nicknames from junior college days, when they first met. 

In 2012, the first Nana & Bird store opened on Chay Yan Street, Tiong Bahru. It was just 350 square feet, but they were blessed with brand partners who trusted us with their design and are still stocking with us today.

Meet Nana & Bird

Our Philosophy of Making intentional Choices

As we examine our footprint, we considered what we stand for and how Nana & Bird could contribute meaningfully. 

We want to advocate for a more sustainable way to build an enduring wardrobe - one that is not trend-led, and made with attention to quality and designs that are timeless. 

We make deliberate choices in the way we operate, our choice of partners, and the products we curate and create.

Our Philosophy
Fiercely Independent

Allowing us to be nimble and steadfast in executing our vision of being a timeless fashion company for the modern women.

Trust in our partnerships

Building on each other’s strengths to create an engaging experience for the customers we serve.

The best in class under one roof

An edit of brands we tried and tested and love. So we can continue to fulfil the trust our customers placed in us to curate for their wardrobes and homes. 

Building Blocks To An Enduring Wardrobe and Home

The self-assured woman does not need embellishments in her clothes to feel important.
She demands for quality in materials, finishing and designs that are effortless to wear but allows her to look and feel sharp.

We seek to be a fashion company for the self-assured women who makes intentional choices for herself and her family. 

This is how we define luxury.