Our Response to COVID-19

Dear friends of Nana & Bird, 

As we return to normalcy, please feel assured that we continue to strive to provide a safe and mindful shopping experience.

A Mindful Shopping Experience

While we no longer need to maintain safe distancing measures, we may still stagger your entry into the store where there are more than 10 customers in the store. 

This is so that we are able to provide a more enjoyable and comfortable experience exploring our space and shopping with us. 

We recognise that some of you may have to wait outside the store when the capacity is reached. We seek your patience and understanding as we try our utmost best to keep you, your family and our team safe. 

Ensuring Safety 

From 29 August 2022, in line with the updated guidelines, our team will no longer be required to mask up while they are in the store. 

We will continue to disinfect the fitting rooms after every trial and will conduct hourly sterilisation of high-contact surfaces (for e.g. door handles, display counters and check out counter).

Around our space, we continue to provide hand sanitisers for you to disinfect your hands before and after interacting with any of our products.


Thank you for your continued support and stay safe. 


Much love,
Nana & Bird