1. Will the sale be online?
Yes! Our online store will reflect sample sale products for participating brands - Shirt Number White, Luna and Moon and Nana & Bird past seasons collections. Selected full-price collection from brands such as r y e, Yumumu, Vasic, Tiny Cottons will also be on 15% to 50% off.

2. I was not able to reserved my preferred slot on the appointment app. What can I do?
To adhere to the latest COVID-19 measures, we are keeping to a max of 6 customers in store. Therefore, we launched the reservation app to help us better anticipate customer's visit.

We are sorry that you are not able to secure your preferred time to shop the Sample Sale.

You can choose to

  • Visit the store regardless but may need to wait for your turn to enter if the store's capacity is reached.
  • Shop the Sample Sale online, and reach out to us via the Chat function on the online store or should you require assistance with sizing and fit.

3.  I am a Nana & Bird Member. Can I come anytime on Friday before 2pm?
Yes, you may. We had reserved Friday 21 May 10am to 2pm for our Members.

However, we seek your kind understanding that we have to keep to a max of 6 customers in store. As such, you may only be able to enter the store after a customer leaves.

This is to help ensure a safe and mindful shopping experience for you, and our team.

If you are unsure of your Membership status, drop us a note at

4. If I bring a family member or a friend along for the physical sample sale, do I need to register for them too on your appointment site?
Yes, you need to.

If you are popping by to our physical store with a family member or a friend, you should register 2 shopping slots on our appointment site. 

You can
 book your shopping slot online.

5. What is the exchange policy if I shop the sample sale online and the products do not fit me in terms of sizing or if I do not like the actual product(s)?
Unfortunately, we do not allow for exchanges or refunds for all items purchased during the 3-day sample sale period.

As we heavily marked down most of the items, we seek your understanding that exchanges or refunds are strictly not allowed.

If you require assistance/ advice on the item's fit, feel free to email us at or use the Chat function on the website.

6. Can I buy online and collect the package in store?
Yes, of cos. You can choose "Self-Collect" when you check out. 

Delivery is free for all orders within Singapore. We hope it will help to make it even easier for customers to shop with us - at the comfort of your own homes. 

7. If I purchase the item in store and I want to exchange it. What can I do?
Unfortunately, no exchange or refund is allowed for all items purchased during the 3-day sample sale period. 

Hence, we would encourage you to check the condition of the items thoroughly before paying. Our staff will also be able to assist you in store.


If none of the FAQs above addresses your queries, feel free to ping us on the Chat function, or email us at