Cassey Gan Series X Iris Dress

Iris Apfel. The one we want to grow up to be.

Never boring, never conventional, always curious. Always embracing the new, daring to go beyond the boundaries of what could be done. At 95, she continues to be an inspiration and it seems she gets even better with age. 


  • Cotton-blend tweed fabric
  • Side pocket with flap
  • No stretch, medium weight textured fabric
  • Loose fit with exposed neckline
  • Back zip, with button on top

Size Guide:

0 1 2 3
US 0-2 US 2-4 US 4-6 US 6-8
UK 2-4 UK 4-6 UK 6-8 UK 8-10

$216.30 SGD

Type: Dress    
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