Ashley & Co

We have always been mindful with what we use for our bodies and home. With so many brands claiming that the "organic" label, it is hard to discern one from the other especially when all the of the ingredients listed made us wish we had paid more attention during chemistry lessons. 

So we where thrilled when the folks at Ashley & Co approached us and introduced their line of scents, body and home products.



Calling themselves a "modern scents company", their collection is a small one made up of body products (Soothe Tubes), liquid soaps (Washup) and candles (Waxed Perfume), spanning 6 signature scents. Everything is made in New Zealand, where the brand originated. The products contain no sulphate, parabens, mineral oils, colours or synthetic fragrance and are Gone Green Range Fragance Certified 100% Natural by Ecocert. 

So, none of the bad stuff  :)

Not to forget the minimal, pared down product design that is sure to make our counter top that much more attractive. 


We especially love the manifesto from the brand - 

"Because we believe people don’t remember the days - they remember the moments.

Being a modern day scent company means we’re not into whimsical fantasy. We don’t promote dreams. Our scents won’t transport you to a medina in Morocco.

We’re much more excited by the potential of your reality."

Hear, hear. 


Ashley & Co is now available at K+ nana & bird in Scotts Square.