Of Good Cheer Christmas Posies

Of Good Cheer Christmas Posies

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The annual Christmas collaboration with our brand partner, Wonderland Botanicals

Of Good Cheer is Nana & Bird's festive theme - An upbeat, buoyant view as we look forward to 2022 and celebrate the fact that we have overcame so much, and emerged with a stronger mind, body and soul. 

Which is why, we are embracing the upcoming season with the most positive of spirits and with a spring in our steps.

The Of Good Cheer Christmas Posies translates our theme into the most spirited bouquet. Perfect for gifting - as an add on to our Christmas boxes or to be popped into any vases. 


The Wonderland X Nana & Bird posies is a joyful concoction of pampas, alm spear, cypress, pinecone, orangeries, Rubus and Spain Broom.


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