Introducing N12H

by Georgina Koh | August 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

Every once in a while, we came across a collection that make us sit up and go, "wow, this is so much fun!".

N12H totally fits the bill. We term this "the collection for those who ain't afraid to have a bit (or lotsa) fun".

N12H Blossom Bow Back Dress - Detail

When you have details like this exaggerated bow back, who would disagree, right?

In designer Nerissa Lee's own words, she created N12H with "the modern jetsetting city woman in mind". It offers a unique artistic interpretation of edgy femininity.  This collection is a combination of an eclectic sense of style and differing textures highlighted by signature playful prints.

N12H Shinjuku top

Bow tie details along the sleeve of this Shinjuku top

Youthful would be another word we would describe the collection. These are pieces which quirky details that would not look out of place with a 20-something to 40-something. After all, youthfulness is all in the state of mind.

A slit here, a tinge of skin there - they are subtle accents that makes a statement and make each piece stand out.

N12H Edo Jumpsuit


N12H Samurai Top with Martial Culottes

Samurai Top with Martial Culottes


With fabrics sourced from the best textile suppliers around the world, and meticulously tailored, N12H fits squarely with our favoured curation of well-made pieces that will stand the test of time. 

N12H Modern Era Top

Modern Era Top

Shop the collection in store and online now. Exclusive to nana & bird.



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