Fashion in your Home


"If you care about the way you look, you're going to care about the way you live”

- Newell Turner, Creative Director of Interior Motives ; a documentary exploring the link between fashion and interior design


The world of clothes and interior design have not always been that different. Fashion designers often seek inspiration from their glamourous interiors while interior designers usually first look in their homes for ideas which they end up incorporating into their creations. This New Year's, we at Nana & Bird thought it would be fun to curate some home interior designs with our clothes to show the inconspicuous but undeniable relationship that fashion and interior design share.  



1)      Jewel Tones 

If you find yourself leaning towards jewel tones- deep greens, blues and purples then you might want to infuse similar hues into your homes. The luxurious  Stolen Wen Dress looks perfect with rich accents of turquoise coloured floor length curtains. Finish the outfit with a Saskia Diez Sling Ring and you and your home will be a vision of sophistication. 



Floor Length Curtain: Pinterest

Lampshade bed: Pinterest

Stolen is available in our Yong Siak Street store only.


2)      Warm Tones

Warm tones promote a comforting and relaxing environment, especially for your little ones. Incorporate warm tones into your child’s nursery and take inspiration for outfits from Sea Apple’s new designs like the orange themed Sea Apple Tank Top in Teepee and the baby blue Sea Apple Pants in Snow Fox- both  100% cotton.



Nursery: Pinterest

Soft Sole Booties: Pinterest


3)      Minimalist

The art to achieving a minimalist interior is to focus on incorporating natural and clean designs into the home while keeping it clutter-free at the same time. Hence, consider space-saving designs like a wooden step stool to display your burgenoning interest in small plants. Bring this minimalism into your dressing too. Embrace the clean flowy finish of Milk &Thistle’s Parasol top in white  paired with N12H's Samurai Culottes. Finally, crisp up the outfit with One we Made Earlier Sutnar Necklace or even the Natalie Joy Calypso Cuff and you'll realise that less is indeed more.


Step Stool: HipVan via Urban Mofo’s Instagram Page


4)      Luxe

To incorporate luxury into your wardrobe, take inspiration from monochrome backgrounds with sophisticated pieces like pendant lighting and plush armchairs- designs which enhance the sleek, classy feel of the home. Similarly, incorporate fashion pieces that emphasise and complement your strong yet elegant personality. Consider the Aijek Gelsey Sweetheart Maxi Dress with the perfect arm candy- our rose gold Protesta No. 08 bangle.


Office: Pinterest

Luxury Bathroom:  Pinterest


5)      Bohemian               

If your personal style did not fit into any of the above categories then chances are it’ll fit into this one.  Create a hodgepodge of colours, textiles and designs in your home with multi-coloured chair upholstery and carpets to achieve that bohemian look. Transfer this incoherent goodness to styling your child by adding a pair of pom-pom and tasselled decorated sandals to her Wolf & Rita Gabriela in Tencel top with a striped Wolf & Rita Daniela skirt. You could also pick the eye catching Pichulik Ashoka Necklace for yourself to add that little something - something to every outfit.


Bohemian Style Living Room:  Pinterest


Tasselled sandals: Pinterest 



So the next time you find yourself at a loss as to how to best design your living space or yourself for that matter, you know you won't have to look too far!   



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