Christmas Gift Guide For Her

’Tis is the season of giving! Show some love for the special women in your life by taking inspiration from our carefully curated Christmas Gift Guide 2016.

For the one who marches to her own beat…

If you know that one person who experiments in mixing prints, then chances are she’s going to love the eclectic range we have lined up below.

1. Milk & Thistle’s Sidewalk Dress in Preppy Stripe / 2. Little Moose Large Raincloud Glitter Brooch / 3. Cassey Gan Series 08 Tent Top / 4. Little Moose Wonderland Cheshire Cat Disappearing Necklace / 5. Concrete French Bulldog Sculpture with Cone, etsy. / 6. Euphorbia Acruensis (Cowboy Cactus) Home Plant Mobile, Natalie Joy (new brand coming soon to nana & bird).


For the sleek, classy and all things glamorous sister…

nana & bird christmas gift guide for her #2

Her days are usually filled with one meeting after the other and come night time, chances are she’ll be networking at cocktail parties. For this busy-bee, we recommend she work with functional pieces from our store- items which are easy to pull on with no time wasted because essentially, time is money for this lot.

Come sundown, she will merely need to slip into the gorgeous dress, smoke out those eyes, let down her curls and pop on some heels and voilà- she’ll be slaying at life!

1. Stolen Trish Pantsuit (available in store) / 2. Saskia Diez sling ring / 3. Raccoonandbabies Keep Living Cuff / 4. N12H Edo Jumpsuit / 5. Building Block Business bag / 6. Aijek Caroline Embroidered Pencil Dress / 7. Maslo Chock A Block Necklace 


For the young, bright-eyed newly minted adult…

nana & bird christmas gift guide for her #3

Consider these below items for that person in your life who has just crossed over the threshold into adulthood. She has only just forayed into the working world and is in the midst of curating her big girl wardrobe.

1. Aijek Caroline Embroidered Cape blazer / 2. Herbivore Botanicals 'Calm' Soaking Salts, Sephora / 3. Little Moose Large Stegosaurus Necklace / 4. N12H Ginza Dress / 5. Woouf Monoi Large Pouch6. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Rita (Scarlet), Sephora. / 7. 'Love x Style x Life' by Garance Doré, Kinokuniya.




Text: Rajveen Aujla / Graphics: Renee Ong

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