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This is not good bye

by Georgina Koh | May 29, 2015 | 2 Comments

In 2011, we fell in love with our little backyard space on 79 Chay Yan Street, in the historic art deco neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru.

nana & bird began as a monthly pop-up store in our Tiong Bahru apartment in 2010. Encouraged by the positive reviews of the concept, and our curation, we decided it was time to take the plunge to open a permanent retail store.

The quaint, historic and quiet charm of this art-deco estate is one and only in Singapore. Since we planted our roots in Tiong Bahru, it was natural that we started the search for a space here. It was also during a time of gentrification of the neighbourhood with Forty Hands and Books Actually moving in. We were thrilled to have found a great partner, design & branding agency The Bureau, to share the space on Chay Yan Street.

We loved everything about the space. The peeling paint in the backyard, the spiral staircase, the back door that led to the store which never fails to delight new customers who never thought there would be a clothing store nestled inside. It was in this little space that we met and befriended so many of you over small talk, coffee and our common love for well-made clothes. 

In 2013, we opened nana & bird on Eng Hoon Street. 

We worked with Floral Magic who added greenery to the space, including a large Ficus plant that dominated the air well unique to conserved Tiong Bahru units. A nana & bird staff, whose also an aspiring baker, nanatang, supplied fresh bakes every weekend for testing in our kitchen. It was a home for us. 

We saw many launch parties of the amazing designers we had the privilege to work with, and who placed faith in us to carry their brands. We launched nana & bird home when Chiew Ling and I were decorating our own homes, and nana & bird kids when we started our families.

Through the last 4 years, we saw the blossoming of the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. We'd like to think nana & bird had played a small part in contributing to the appeal of this little enclave.

With a heavy heart, nana & bird bids Tiong Bahru farewell this month. Our Eng Hoon and Chay Yan stores will close on 31 May. A big warm thank you to everyone of you whom we have shared such wonderful memories with in both stores.

But this is not good bye.

nana & bird will continue to operate our online store. We will be unveiling a new concept very soon.

Here's to never ever giving up on our dreams.





Georgina said:

Hi Sabrina,

Sorry we missed your message! Our products are all listed on the online store : )

And we’ll be launching our new store in July, more details here and on our Facebook, Instagram very soon.

Hope to see you then!


June 18, 2015

Sabrina Meier said:

Always a pleasure! I missed the last day – any way I can still come by for some last items?


June 02, 2015

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