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Behind The Craft: PB0110

by Georgina Koh | April 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

We are fond on the crafting technique of PB 0110 and how precise everything is from the start.


The Material

The soft and smooth cowhide as the base material is hand-selected and pure vegetable tanned. Only 10% of all leather worldwide is vegetable tanned, which is why natural leather is so highly valued. The leather is sourced from the most renowned tanneries in Europe.


The leather is supple to the touch with a distinctive aromatic fragrance ... and who doesn't love the smell of leather.

The leather ages beautifully when worn after eight months. Stains or marks can be easily removed with a soft eraser, a leather lotion or leather preserver.


Backpack when worn after 8 months.


The Production

The brand only trusts the best and the most considered craftsman in handling the materials.

Handmade by technicians in Poland, great care is given by the skilled team in the development of each bag. The result is a beautifully crafted bag where no attention has been spared into each detail. 




We have stocked some considered brands of bags from Building Block to Meli Melo. But PB 0110 is one which has really impressed upon us their attention to every micro detail - from stories of their production, packaging of the bags to how best to care for each bag - to ensure that the eventual owner of a PB 0110 item will be assured that she owns a little piece of leather good that is the result of brilliant craftsmanship.

PB 0110 is available in our Eng Hoon Street outlet. 

Images via PB 0110.

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