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Introducing: Iohll

by Nor Rohani | February 22, 2015 | 0 Comments



Staying true and dedicated to their craft, Iohll is one of the upcoming youthful and energy driven brand originated from Taiwan. Recently we had a tête-à-tête session with Iohll’s marketing and distribution manager, Tanya Huang who shared with us bits and pieces of the brand. 


Tell us more about Iohll and what made you start the brand?

Iohll was founded by three designers. One is with an industrial design background, another has expertise in visual and communication design, and the other is a specialized fashion designer who’s been dedicated years in fashion creations. The brand started at a turning point when Taiwan’s environment for doing an independent designer label wasn’t that easy and active. We wanted to do something different but meaningful, something inspiring and creative, and we thought that it was a good moment to start and to make a change. The barrier to entry this industry was lower, and the market acceptability for a fashion brand was relatively higher. With the resources and manufacturing supports from China, so here we are. 

Our idea is to provide “affordable but delicate and quality design” to everyone. We believe that good design can’t be market-positioned with the price itself. We want to convey a story that every single clothing is built altogether by the designers, the pattern maker,the production staff, as well as the consumers. We hope that people don’t shop only in view of the price of a product but could see and appreciate the value and many people’s endeavors behind it. We think it’s a beautiful thing to share with people this idea, which has been and would continue to be the key notion to our brand concept.


How does your surrounding affect the creative process for Iohll?

We take inspirations from our lives. What we’ve seen, what we’ve talked about, something that we particularly remember… like an ecosystem, the idea circulates within, and we give from what we take or breathe in.




Which is your favourite piece from the Autumn/ Winter 14 collection and why?

I would say PARROT FEATHERS. The creations of this series are our first time cooperation with the well-known photographer WE R THE CATCHER. The graphic materials are from the pet parrot raised by the photographer’s father, just a very simple idea purely from our daily life. 


Who is that one celebrity you wish you to dress and why?

 It’s an interesting question. We don’t really dress someone, but here are some brands or styles that we’re really fond  of: 

  1. Nike lab: A branch line of Nike with high tech products, integrating with some fashion designers’ creations such as JOHANNA F. SCHNEIDER, Jun Takahashi, HTM.
  2. Raf Simon: A sensitive Belgian fashion designer, working from a viewpoint of an artist, famous for his pattern/graphic design.
  3. Jil Sander Navy:The brand conveys a sense of women independence, combining with a little bit cuteness and playfulness for a more delightful and unique looking. 
  4. Arc'teryx Veilance:A branch line of its parent label for climbing gear, focusing specifically on contemporary and urban life, making its own design with different logic and delicate manufacturing skills. 
  5. Maison Martin Margiela:They’re doing design with a sense of humor. The brand’s experimental and edgy style is a reflective of the label's innovative aesthetic.
  6. Yamamoto Yohji: We love his creations with the Zen and eastern elements!


If you are not a fashion designer what would you be? 

Not too far away from what we’ve been doing. We’ll stay focus on doing something meaningful, something that can bring value or can help or serve people, something that makes the world better.


iohll is now available at nana & bird chay yan.

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