The Cool Kids

As young parents, we (Georgina 'nana' Koh and Tan 'bird' Chiew Ling) knew that we didn't want to dress our 2 girls in overly buttercup-cutsey and girly outfits. We wanted childrenswear brands that are well-made, where attention and care is given to the choice of fabrics seeing how sensitive the skin of young ones are, accessible in price point but are contemporary in cutting without losing the whimsical and innocence of a child.

Hence, nana & bird kids was born.

We started the curation with Mini Rodini, a well-established Scandinavian childrenwear label and Wolf & Rita, a new Portugal-based brand that we thought had the best print of the season - chillies - which to us aptly brought out the fierce spirit that we know children are capable of. 

This season, we are thrilled to introduce 2 new additions to the store - MOTORETA and Agatha Cub. Both of which have great outfits for boys (rejoice!) who are notoriously hard to shop for since most children's clothing store are girls-dominated. 

 MOTORETA KIDS - those eyes!

MOTORETA KIDS - details of the Basic Skirt in Wales print

Agatha Cub

Goofing around in Agatha Cub

The mood that each collection portrays cannot be more different. We love the non-smiling, wise beyond my years MOTORETA kids and are completely energized by the infectious energy of the Agatha Cub kids! 

Which is your favourite? 



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