Introducing: Kate & Kate


One could almost tell how comfy the blankets are, from the impeccable designs, consisting of clean linear, geometrical patterns and a hint of graphic elegance. The blankets softness is the result of the breathable cotton used, which is safe for both adults and the little ones!  

The creative duo, who are sisters in law, Kate Pascoe and Kate Pascoe Squires started Kate & Kate in October 2013, providing the market with more choices for blankets and throws.


Tell us a little about yourselves

KPS – Until Kate & Kate, I worked in PR my whole professional life.  I focused on all the fun stuff… restaurants, food, alcohol, events.  It wasn’t until I had my second child that I realized the lifestyle required to really be at the top of the PR game was just too much of a juggle for me.  I knew I wanted to do my own thing… but what?


KP – My background is fashion (Retail, production, design & wardrobe).  After having my first child, it fairly quickly dawned on me that I couldn’t go back to wardrobe as the hours were just so ridiculous- all over the place.  That’s when I decided to focus on design. I started to explore different avenues and, after a brief stint in clothing, the stars aligned – blankets it would be!




When and why did you start Kate & Kate?

We met our manufacturers totally by accident exactly two years ago.  We were both attending a sourcing fair in Sydney with the intention to start individual and totally separate businesses.  Once we saw the quality of textiles they were producing, it took us about three minutes to decide we were going into business together and blankets would be our focus.  We released our first range one year ago this month.  Happy birthday to us!



What inspires you?

We are inspired by so many things. Specifically though… for colour, we definitely look to the catwalks.  We lose hours on  We can trawl for days searching for that perfect colour combination.  For design, we really do seek inspiration from the everyday.  The shape of a building, the fold of an envelope, a bunch of shadows… these are all things that have inspired our recent designs.  We love the little squares on imagery that make up Instagram too – being able to see something the way another person views it is pretty amazing.  And the square format makes it fairly comparable to a blanket… you just need to join the dots.




Share with us a little about your families

KP – I live in Brighton, Melbourne with my husband, Kate’s brother, John Henry and my two little boys Jack (2 years old) and Benjamin (6 weeks old). My house has most definitely turned into a boys club, but it’s always filled with lots of love and laughter.


KPS – I live in a terrace in Sydney’s east with my slightly crazy family… husband Tony, two kids - Harry (4 years old) and Helena (2 years old), Skipper the Fox Terrier and Lila our kitten… when my step daughters Rosie (26 years old) and Molly (22 years old) come to visit, it’s seriously heaving, but we love it that way.  The more, the merrier.



Last but not least, which is your favourite Kate & Kate blanket?

KP – The Love Letter throw – I love a neutral blanket with clean lines and this one looks perfect on my couch!

KPS – I love the simplicity of the Sea Tangle blanket in the silver birch & snow white.  It’s divine. 




Shop Kate & Kate lovely blankets at nana & bird Eng Hoon Street store now.

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