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Hello Methodology

by Yvonne Tan | October 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Minimal, clean lines and versatile pieces..right up our alley! We spoke to Glori Tsui, the creative force behind Methodology, to get to know a little more about her!


Who are we?

We are Methodology. A  women's wear and accessories label started in 2012.

Methodology is inspired by concept of cubism painting. Methodology suggests designing garments that can be worn more than one way, to give a second life to the garment. With Methodology, there is no certain way to wear a garment or accessory. A skirt can be a jacket, a necklace is actually a visor. With our transformable design, and your creativity, various possibilities and styles could be created. We encourage our costumes to define our design in their own way.

What makes you start methodology and any reason behind the name?

The first collection of Methodology came from the my graduation collection in UK. I would like to create a label which is simple buy playful by giving transformable designs in it. It called Methodology because i want my customers to define my design by using their own method/ way. Many of the time, customers will come back and show me a new way of wearing my designs, which i have never thought of!

What are your inspirations?
I came from illustration background and many of my inspiration comes from paintings. I see different shapes in paintings. By reforming them together, i will get my initial silhouette. After simplified and developed, it becomes the final designs.

What are the three important items in your wardrobe you can't live without (and why)?

  1. jeans
  2. white shirt
  3. statement accessories

Jeans and white shirt will never go wrong. People will never expect a designer dress in a very formal way. Jeans and white shirt can be my formal meeting outfit with the shirt sleeves down and an pair of pump. It also can be my cause wear if i roll up the shirt sleeves and jean hem, pair up with a sneaker or birkenstock. And a statement accessories is always my trick to complete my simple look usually. easy and effortless.


 methodology is now available at nana & bird chay yan

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