Behind The Craft - Jennifer Loiselle Jewellery

by Georgina Koh | August 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Jennifer Loiselle’s jewellery first landed in nana & bird 2 years ago. We were wowed by the statement-making pieces and the superb workmanship – all hand made – that goes into each piece of jewellery.

 This month, we introduce Jennifer Loiselle’s Tutti Frutti collection, and we caught up with the designer herself who gives us an insight into her design process.

When was the brand set up and what made you start designing jewellery?

My brand was set up in 2009 although it was on a “hobby/part time” basis for the first couple of years. 

I’ve always worked in fashion, as a journalist, stylist and in back end roles; I also went to Cordwainers in London to study shoe design - I guess all those experiences combined led me on a very circuitous route to where I am now.

I first began making accessories however when I was on maternity leave selling handmade headpieces to friends and family. Someone suggested that etsy would be a great way to test the market to a wider audience, so I listed a handful of items. I'm not sure how it happened, although I think luck had a lot to do with it, but I received quite a bit of blog press and the original headpieces developed into a range of jewellery and it's all spiralled on from there in a very organic way. 

Elements of the Tutti Frutti collection 

What inspires your collections?

Oh everything - art, fashion, just watching the world go by. I’m lucky that I can get on a train and in 18 minutes I’m smack-bang in central London, the perfect city for inspiration! 


Where are the products made and can you bring us behind the scenes of how you would bring a collection from sketch to final product? 

Everything is made in the UK, that’s very important to me.

I generally start with an idea for a central theme and create a moodboard in both my studio space as well as on pintrest. Then it’s lots of doodles and messing around with designs, printing them out, playing with scale.

Once I’m happy, designs are sent off to a lasercutting service then back to me to hand assemble, and to add finishing touches such as Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones. Usually when I’m sampling a new collection, it may take a tweak or two to get it right, but the longer I’ve been doing this, the less changes I need to make. On an exciting note, I’m in the process of purchasing a laser cutter, so shortly everything will be done in-house. 


The designer modelling her Tutti Frutti pieces. (And we love the blunt cut look!)

Tell us about your experience working with nana & bird and what you would wish to do more of if you were in Singapore.

Working with nana & bird has been great - you guys were one of my first international stockists, so that’s pretty special to me!

If I were in Singapore, obviously I’d like to hang out in Tiong Bahru and visit nana & bird. Also, I would definitely be eating ALL the time. In fact, I’m coming over during Christmas to see my mum (she lives there for part of the year) and I’ve already started compiling a list of foods I need to eat/restaurants I want to go to. On a more touristy note, visiting Gardens by the Bay would be high up on the agenda, and I know it’s rather morbid, but I’ve been told to visit Haw Par Villa for the kitsch and creepy factor.



It's not hard to tell why Jennifer is our kinda gal! We can't wait to meet you in December! 

Meanwhile, the Tutti Frutti collection is available at nana & bird chay yan.


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