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Behind The Craft: Yuki Misuyasu Silver Jewellery Making Workshop

by Georgina Koh | August 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

We had the pleasure of hosting the affable Yuki Mitsuyasu at nana & bird eng hoon a couple of weeks ago. Over 2 Sundays, Yuki shared with a dozen participants how to make a simple piece of silver jewellery from scratch.

The basic tools of the trade

The participants went about measuring, hammering, molding and buffing before they each went away with a simple silver ring. It was certainly not as easy as it seems! Hats off to Yuki for making it seem so simple. 

Deep in concentration as each of them measures and cut their silver pieces. 

Measuring the length of the ring & the process of hammering the silver strip on the ring mandrill to shape it into a ring. 

A captive audience. Yuki Misuyasu shares the tools of the trade.

It was a wonderful experience for everyone, including us, as onlookers. A warm thank you to the participants and to those of you who dropped by! We can't wait for the next workshop! Write to us at <enquiries@nanaandbird.com> if you want to be updated of future sessions with Yuki Mitsuyasu and our designers.

Yuki Mitsuyasu jewellery is available at our flagship nana & bird eng hoon store.

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