#stayhome - covid-19 lounge worthy wear at home

We are pretty sure we aren't the only ones who are stretching ourselves in all angles at home playing mum, wife, home maker, cook, teacher, boss ... 

And yet stay home is the most important - and only thing - we can do for our families and friends in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. We have it in us, so hang tough ladies! 

Which is why we have started a #StayHome series to remind each other that we are not "stuck at home", we are doing our part so our frontline workers - the nurses, doctors, medical workers, workers in essential services - don't have to bear the brunt much longer. 

There is so much to contemplate this period. 

While we do that, support small businesses. 
We will be highlighting the ones we love over the next few weeks. Each online order is a respite for us, for them.

Some ideas of what you can do to feel good dressing up while at home. Get comfortable.

nana & bird Tank Top and Safari Shorts
nana & bird Tank Top and Safari Shorts


nana & bird Drop Shoulder Top in Black



Shop our #StayHome edit; or send a gift card to a love one to remind them you care. 

Hang tough, y'all!


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