Shop Small, Send Love: Yumumu

Shop Small, Send Love: Yumumu


Yumumu, founded by Singaporean designer Yilin Lu, has had a special place in our hearts since we first worked with her in 2012. Since then, the label and designer has metamorphosis into a confident, unobliging take to what a strong woman of the world would put on. We love Yilin and here is her story ... in her own words.

nana & bird feature - Yumumu

Who is Yumumu, really?
A city dweller, lover of nature and world cultures, someone who is resolutely feminine in a very modern way. 

The Yumumu I started was more adventurous, fun and maybe more quirky. Now it’s matured together with me but equally stylish and strong …styles for work are more structured and the ones for leisure are more laidback and effortlessly sensual. The Yumumu woman knows who she is and what she stands for and I hope it shows through in the clothes. Our signature tailoring and lines are still there, with a more refined attention to details and textures.


Yumumu Sandes DressYumumu Sandes Dress


What inspires you?
I was trained as a Fine Artist at university and that defined a lot the way I approach my design and all my creative pursuits. I was also an art teacher for many years before becoming a fashion designer.  

My sensibilities were of course, developed when I was very little. My mom saw my talent right away from a drawing of monkeys climbing trees which I did at the age of three. My preoccupation with it has not stopped since. I’m constantly drawing, making things and going to art shows. I read a lot of Art history because it says so much about life through the ages.  Art has always been a part of my life so much so that I never really needed to think about it but I know for a fact that I could never live without it. I also love looking at interior designs because it’s about building an atmosphere before building a collection.

Yumumu Nikko TopYumumu Nikko Top

"Anyone can design details on a clothing item but not many people can establish an attitude. I usually start by defining a mood. I find it a lot more liberating than looking at fashion magazines."
Yilin Lu, Yumumu

If you were to design an outfit for someone, who would it be, and what pieces from the collection would you dress her in?
Sarah Linh Tran, partner of Christophe Lemaire. You can just tell that she has a really layered inner world somehow, just in her gaze. She embodies a good balance of rustic and contemporary cool, and is never over or underdressed.

Yumumu Brooks TopYumumu Brooks Top

I will dress her in Brooks Top and Cody Pants for their versatility and understated style, which defines Tran. I think Setif Blouse will look amazing on her too.

Yumumu Setif TopYumumu Setif Top

What in your opinion is an item of clothing every woman should have in their wardrobes?
A pair of pants that fits her body shape which she can move comfortably in.

Share with us 3 local brands you support and why.
Thomas Wee, Max Tan (@maxtanstudio) and Peir Wu (@peirwu) for having such a focused aesthetic.

There is an innate sense of sophistication in their works.


Discover Yumumu, proudly presented at nana & bird. #ShopSmallSendLove





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