Ylin Lu

YLIN LU’s maiden collection is a vision of her carefully crafted muse, a modern art enthusiast who has a taste for nostalgia and a curiosity for the future.

Ylin Lu Perforated Long Dress With Studs

Referencing the punk attitude and the rise of digitization of the 80’s New Wave, sharply tailored pieces are adorned with studs and eyelets throughout the whole collection. They mimic plastic instead of their usual metallic finish, adding a Pop-inspired whimsical touch to counterbalance the severity of the geometric forms.

Latticed Fitted Long Dress


Ylin Lu Striped Draped Top with High Waisted Eyelet Pants

Up close on their own, they look like candy and when composed as a whole (with ribbons woven alongside) as seen on a high-waisted skirt, appear like digital circuit boards.

In the prints, hand-drawn stripes are interlaced with matrix-like graphics in a composition that echoes the ribbon endings left hanging and raw. Paying homage to the artistic process, they combine both the organic and the structured to strong graphic effects.

Ylin Lu Dress with Perforated Pockets

Ylin Lu Halter Gown

Ylin Lu Flounce Top with Asymmetric Black Pants

On the futuristic note, the use of silver fabrics with a metallic sheen is a nod to the era’s fascination with Sci-Fi and the Space Age.

Ylin Lu Pinstriped Fitted Skirt

Likewise, translucent striped fabrics create new textures with multiple layering. Despite the disparate mix of materials, the silhouettes remain sleek and the temperament feminine, establishing a refined statement for urbanites with a creative soul.

Graffiti Print Dress

 Yling Lu Striped Skirt with Eyelet Panel


 Ylin Lu Kimono Sleeve Asymmetric Top with High Waisted Eyelet Pants

Ylin Lu Spring/Summer 2016 collection is available in store at nana & bird 1M Yong Siak Street.